When was the last time you enjoyed a Zweigle’s hot dog? How was it cooked? What toppings did you add?

Whether you realize it or not, you likely have a preferred way to enjoy a Zweigle’s. Maybe there’s a certain topping you can’t live without, or even a pairing that’s essential to the full experience.

There’s certainly more than one good way to enjoy Zweigle’s products, which is why we’re sharing a few of the most popular methods gathered from our Facebook page in today’s post.

Check out some of the most loved ways to enjoy a Zweigle’s hot dog, and who knows? You just might find your new favorite toppings, cooking method, etc. below!

Topped With Plenty of Onions

Can you guess what one of the most popular ways to enjoy a Zweigle’s hot dog is? You got it — topped with plenty of onions! Mustard is also a top choice as well.

Well Done

Many of our fans prefer their Zweigle’s hots well done. Just keep ‘em on the flame longer, and allow the pop opens to really pop.

In a Garbage Plate

Rochester is famous for its “garbage plates”, which feature an unbeatable combination of meat, home fries, mac salad, baked beans, etc., all on the same plate. We’re not surprised that so many people enjoy Zweigle’s best in one of these combo plates…it’s true Rochester tradition!

Topped with Sweet Relish

Along with onions, many Zweigle’s fans enjoy topping their dogs with sweet relish, too. Other popular toppings include meat hot sauce, sauerkraut, ketchup, pickles, and cheese.

Paired With a Stoneyard Zweigle’s Ale

Did you know that Zweigle’s recently teamed up with Brockport-based Stoneyard Brewing to create both the Zweigle’s Pop Open Red Ale and the Zweigle’s Pop Open White Ale? It’s true, there’s now a specially crafted ale designed to pair perfectly with your Zweigle’s hot dog. Our fans are raving over the combo, so don’t miss out this summer on the unique pairing and double opportunity to support local business.

At the Ballpark

Where better to enjoy a Zweigle’s than at the ballpark? No matter what toppings you prefer or how its cooked, you just can’t beat the entertainment of a local ball game paired with a delicious Zweigle’s hot in hand.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy a Zweigle’s? Come join the conversation!