• 1 package Zweigle’s Polish Kielbasa
  • 1 package Zweigle’s Bologna Ring
  • 2 large white onions
  • 6 wooden skewers
  • 6 slices Swiss cheese
  • 6 long hot dog or sausage rolls
  • Optional toppings include sauerkraut and mustard


  1. Soak skewers in water for approximately two hours.
  2. Slice Polish sausage and bologna into ½ inch pieces.
  3. Chop onions into one inch squares.
  4. Assemble skewers by alternating between Polish sausage, bologna, and onion pieces being sure to leave enough space on the end of each skewer to prevent pieces from falling off.
  5. Arrange skewers on grill, rotating until each side begins to brown and all ingredients are heated through.
  6. Place one finished skewer in a roll with Swiss cheese slice. Pinch the bun together and pull out the skewer.
  7. Finish it off with your choice of toppings. We suggest sauerkraut and spicy mustard. Enjoy!