With the weather cooling down, staying indoors is starting to sound like a good idea to some of us Rochestarians. After all, what could be better on a brisk fall night than curling up at home beneath your favorite fuzzy blanket? As appealing as this is is to many of us, we came up with a way to make this even more enjoyable and fun.

In just a few simple steps, you can have the movie theater experience right at home, making a cozy night in even better. Whether you’re trying to come up with some unique at-home activities for the kids or just want to have a low key date night in, these tips are sure to help inspire some fun fall memories, all from the comfort of your own home:

Plan Your Programming

Of course, the most essential component to a successful at-home movie night is the movie selection itself.

Are you going to have a Star Wars or Harry Potter marathon? Or would you rather have a ‘premiere’, and grab a DVD that just hit stores? Either way, make your selection ahead of time to avoid disagreements during the movie night and kick it off as soon as possible. Planning ahead is also helpful, since there’s nothing worse than a scratched disk! Make sure everything’s in working order ahead of time, and things will run seamlessly.

Set the Scene

One of the best parts about an at-home movie night is that you get to enjoy your favorite films from the comfort of your own couch. Put on your favorite PJs and set out your coziest blankets to get the most out of the at-home experience. If you’re having a ‘premiere’ party, you may even take it a step further and do a little decorating for the kids. You can often find cheap party supplies online or at your local grocery store that are themed towards new films and that will make the night extra exciting for children.

Stock the Necessities

No movie night is complete without movie theater snacks. You can typically find popcorn bags at the Dollar Store, which help add that special “movie theater” touch. Don’t forget about the main course, either! Stock up on some Zweigle’s hots, which taste even better since you’re able to add your own, unlimited condiments. Who needs movie theaters when you can have this?

Don’t Forget the Candy

Last but not least, make sure your house is well stocked with candy!

Do you have any tips for having the perfect at-home movie night? Let us know by commenting below!Save