The Poppin’ Place to Be

Over the last 140 years, Zweigle’s has built an iconic brand in Rochester, NY. We’ve been at your picnics. We’ve sponsored your Little League team. We’ve helped create tasty memories for you and your family for generations. Join the Zweigle’s team today to help future generations of Rochestarians enjoy the delicious legacy we’ve built.

Our hiring process is currently temporary to permanent employment. To join our team, please contact one of the temporary agencies we currently work with below:

Nesco Resource

574 W. Rudge Road
Rochester, NY 14615

(585) 865-0780

J.T.D. Staffing

282 Hollenback St.
Rochester, NY 14621

(585) 278-6523 or (585) 721-6374

Current Openings

Grind meat such as beef, pork, chicken, and veal for making sausages, hot dogs, and deli products

  • Select and insert grinding plates into grinding machine 
  • Utilize pallet jack to bring meat bins to the grinding machine 
  • Grind meat into larger totes and places meat labels on the totes 
  • Document the meat history for contact tracing 
  • Shovel ground meat into large stainless buckets to make a specific meat formula or batch 
  • Weigh the meat batch for further processing 
  • Take temperature of the meat before and after grind
  • Cut meat (chicken breast) into smaller pieces with a machine  
  • Clean up area at the end of the shift

Tend to machine that mixes the meat and other ingredients 

  • Set up the mixer, connects valves and pumps  
  • Load meat into the mixer with a lift 
  • Measure ingredients prior to adding into mixture  
  • Load ingredients into mixer, including water and ice 
  • Follow mixing instructions provided  
  • Document ingredients that are being mixed for lot tracing 
  • Measure the temperature of the mixture 
  • Clean up area at the end of the shift

Loop or tie the linked sausages and hot dogs to keep the meat from falling out of the casings

  • Prepare the casings (hog, sheep, plastic) for the day  
  • Work on a line to loop or tie the casings on each end of the casing strand
  • Work quickly with fingers to tie the casings coming from the stuffing machine 
  • Measure the product in length, width, and weight to follow the product formula sheets 
  • Work with the machine operator who stuffs the casings and the hanger who hangs the casings
  • Clean up area at the end of the shift

Hanging the sausages and hot dogs once they are stuffed in a casing  

  • Prepare workspace with stainless steel bars to place on a rack on a rail system 
  • Place the stainless-steel bars carefully in between the stuffed casings  
  • Place the bars with the product on the rack “tree” 
  • Load rack or “tree” for the smokehouse 
  • Work with machine operator running the stuffing machine, tier, and smokehouse 
  • Load chicken breast or meatballs onto conveyor to be cooked in a broiler and or an oven in a time fashion. 
  • Clean up area at the end of the shift
  • Set up special machine designed to cut natural casings hot dogs  
  • Set up special machine that is designed to skin the plastic casings off a hot dog  
  • Cut or skin the products into totes or conveyor
  • Work closely with machine operators 
  • Work in a 38-degree cold environment 
  • Clean up area at the end of the shift
  • Put hot dogs and sausage into packages from a conveyor or a tote 
  • Make sure work area is clean and sanitized prior to placing products in packages 
  • Make sure product is quickly and carefully placed in a package before it is sealed 
  • Work with the team lead, machine operator, cutter/skinner
  • Works in a 38-degree cold environment 
  • Clean up area at the end of each product run and at the end of shift
  • Place packages into boxes or cartons 
  • Weight packages and/or boxes to verify the correct weight by product   
  • Put a label on the box with information about the product such as product name, UPC code, etc. 
  • Verify information on the boxes matches the product that goes inside, and the date is correct
  • Confirm the product is properly packed before placing in the box 
  • Quickly package the product into a box 
  • Packages weigh 3 pounds or less, and boxes weigh 24 pounds or less 
  • Tape the boxes using a tape machine 
  • Stack boxes onto a pallet until full  
  • May utilize pallet or power jack to move the cases once fully stacked 
  • Work closely with team lead and warehouse/shipping team lead 
  • Work in a cold environment, 40-degrees or less 
  • Clean up area at the end of the shift and keep area free of debris through the day
  • Hels with picking and pulling orders from our cold storage warehouse and freezer 
  • Place pallets in the warehouse 
  • Fill orders utilizing a barcode scanning system 
  • Record customer name and order number on the case for each bundle 
  • Sweep the warehouse area throughout the day 
  • Must use a pallet or power jack to move product from the packaging area into the warehouse 
  • Communicate with customers picking up an order(s) 
  • Help load customers’ orders into refrigerated trailers 
  • Work in a very cold environment, 32 degrees or less if working in the freezer 
  • Clean up area at the end of the shift and keeps area free of debris through the day

Delicious Benefits

Once hired as a full-time Zweigle’s employee, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Union membership
  • Competitive healthcare including dental and vision with no cost to the employee for the first 3 years
  • 401k contribution starting 12 months after Zweigle’s hire date
  • Vacation, personal days, and sick time
  • Discounts on Zweigle’s products
  • Career development


Think of it like trying out a new job. Our goal is to move all temporary employees to permanent Zweigle’s employees who show that they are capable and reliable on the job.

Nope. Many Zweigle’s employees speak Spanish or are bilingual.

As a family business, we treat you like we treat our own family. We respect each other and our plant, take pride in what we do, and are passionate about our mission to create memories through great tasting food.

Our kitchen is 70 degrees year-round. Our packaging lines and warehouse can be as cold as below 30 degrees.

We offer discounts on products produced at the Zweigle’s plant.

When you enter our plant, you will smell a variety of delicious spices and meat cooking in the smokehouses. It can smell like hot dogs, meatballs, sausage, or whatever tasty treats we’re cooking that day!

651 Plymouth Ave N., Rochester, NY 14608. We are conveniently located on an RTS bus line.

Who We Are

At Zweigle’s, we’re proud to be a fifth-generation, family-owned, woman-owned company. We treat our employees like family: with respect, dignity, and understanding. But don’t take our word for it. Watch the video below to hear why our employees love working for this iconic brand.

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For job related questions, please e-mail

Must be 18 years or older to work for Zweigle’s.