It’s an age-old question for Upstate New Yorkers: red hot or white? And what the heck’s the difference? Though we can assure you that both are equally delicious, we thought we’d break down the two options and help make your decision process just a bit easier:

Red Hot

‘Red Hot’ is a slang term coined by Rochester natives to differentiate from ‘White Hots’ in color. After all, any proper Rochesterian host or hostess entertaining you for a backyard BBQ will offer both options to guests.

These dogs though, also dubbed “Texas hots”, can be pork, beef, or a combination of both (like our famous Pop Opens). Our Red Pop Opens are also blended with a unique spice mix and stuffed in a natural pork casing.

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White Hot

The ‘White Hot’ is most popular in Central and Western New York and is typically composed of a combination of uncured and unsmoked pork, beef, and veal. This lack of curing or smoking is what allows the meat to maintain its white color, but these dogs are still loaded with plenty of flavor through the use of mustards and other spices.

The ‘White Hot’ is especially close to Rochester native’s hearts, since it originated in the 1920s in Rochester’s German community. These hot dogs are known to have less veal than a typical hot dog and also contain less fat, cooked with “natural sodium” rather than salt.

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Which to Choose?

So, the million dollar question remains. Which hot dog should you choose? Thankfully, there’s no right or wrong answer. In fact, why not try one of both? Our meats at Zweigle’s are so tasty that we’re sure you’ll like either variation, but our best recommendation is to simply try each out and see which suits you best!

Do you have a favorite type of hot dog? Let us know what kind and why in the comments!