Though it comes around each and every year, the onset of December is always a bit of a shock. Just when things are winding down from Thanksgiving, there’s suddenly a plethora of additional holiday gatherings to prepare for. Though there’s not much we can do to relieve certain holiday season stressors, such as tolerating that crazy uncle or scouting the perfect gift for the kid who seemingly has everything, there is one area that you shouldn’t have to think twice about: the food.

We strongly believe in simple, yet delicious dishes, and luckily for you we’ve got plenty of ‘em up our sleeve. That’s why today we’re sharing one of our favorite, three ingredient appetizers that’s sure to be a hit at all of your holiday parties:



  • Cut hot dogs and bacon strips into quarters
  • Wrap bacon around hot dog bites and secure with toothpicks
  • Place all bacon wrapped hot dogs in crock pot and add generous sprinkling of brown sugar
  • Cook on low setting for six hours

The best part of this recipe? It’s low maintenance, takes very little time to prep, and it allows you to do all kinds of other tasks around the house while it cooks.

Oh, and did we mention it’s darn delicious? Who said holiday cooking had to be stressful?

Do you have a go-to, easy holiday recipe? We’d love to hear about it!