Even if you don’t live in Rochester, NY, it’s likely that you’ve heard a few things regarding the harsh winters we endure each and every year. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s still remnants snow on the ground by the time you’re reading this.

It’s no secret that our winters are prolonged and tumultuous at times, but this also allows us to look forward to spring with quite the vibrant hope in our hearts. Spring showers are no problem here, considering what we’ve been through during the winter! If you’re like us and are eagerly awaiting the change of seasons too, you’re probably looking forward to getting out of the house and enjoying the weather — sans snow pants. Check out a few of our favorite springtime activities in Rochester, and take advantage of the warmer weather while it’s here:

Go to a Red Wings Game

What better, more classic way is there to celebrate the warmer weather than to attend a ball game? Head out to Frontier field to support your local players this spring, and don’t forget to grab a Zweigle’s hot dog while you’re at it!

Do a Wine Tasting

In Rochester, we’re lucky to live within driving distance of some of the most renowned wineries on the East Coast. Take advantage of the Finger Lakes region, and head out for some wine tastings this spring; It’s a great excuse to get out of the house and enjoy the weather.

See a Show

One thing we love about Rochester is that there’s almost always a good show to attend. Check out what concerts are going on downtown, or purchase tickets for the next show at Geva Theatre. Rochester is wonderful when it comes to the arts, so you’ll never be hard pressed to find good entertainment.

Have a Cookout

Think cookouts are strictly reserved for the summer months? Guess again. Though you may not be able to enjoy the pool quite yet, there’s no reason not to fire up the grill, throw on a few Zweigle’s, and get pumped for the even warmer temps that are to come.

Take a Class

Have you found yourself hibernating on the couch, afraid to venture out into the brave unknown that is a Rochester winter? Us too, friend. The times are changing though, so use this as an opportunity to get out and do something great. Why not learn a new skill while you’re at it? Check out The Rochester Brainery for trending classes downtown, or visit your local Michael’s to pick up a few new talents.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate spring in Rochester?