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PopOpen® is a term trademarked by Zweigle’s that refers to the casing “Popping” when you cook your hot dog.  Another term for PopOpen® is Natural Casing (or NC).  These flagship hot dogs are produced using the same casing used for classic ethnic sausages such as Italian, Chorizo and Andouille.  When these hot dogs are grilled, the casing is charred, causing the skin to ‘Pop Open’ or split.  In addition to our famous Pop Open’s, we make skinless hot dogs and tender casing hot dogs.

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy your Zweigle’s hot dog even when it’s raining, snowing, or simply too cold to stand outside and grill.  We suggest broiling or pan frying our hot dogs, turning frequently to get a nice crisp skin all the way around.  While we do not recommend boiling the PopOpens®, our full line of skinless hot dogs is ideal for those that prefer to boil or steam their hot dogs.  Check out products section to learn more about the wide variety of products that can be enjoyed during any season – chicken sausages, Italian sausage, Polish sausage and more! Click here full product listing at

Our famous Pop Open hot dogs are available at select Wegmans stores in MA, VA, NJ, and PA. Check out our store locator to see if a store near you carries our products!  If not, browse our online ordering options here.  We ship to all 50 states through Calabrasella’s NY Style Deli website!

Red Hots & White Hots distinguish our two different flagship hot dog formulations.

The ‘White Hot’ or ‘Porker’, as many Rochester natives refer to it, is a natural casing product based off of an old Zweigle’s family recipe for Weiswurst—which in German means white sausage. It is white because it is uncured which means there are no added nitrates or nitrites. It is made from  pork, beef and veal along with a blend of savory spices.

‘Red Hots,’ is another Rochester, NY term that refers to our famous Texas Brand frankfurters which are available in Pop Open and skinless varieties.  This hot dog has a traditional German frankfurter flavor profile and is made from pork and beef.  Don’t be misguided by the name, our ‘Red Hots’ are not spicy, it is simply a term the market has coined to differentiate the ‘Reds’ from the ‘Whites.’

We are very proud of our German roots, and extremely fortunate for our knowledge and understanding of German sausages and franks.  However, as a fifth-generation family owned business, many marriages have established vast ethnic diversity within the family.  Our current owner and CEO, Julie, is both German and Italian.  The Zweigle’s Italian sausage recipe is based off of Julie’s Maternal Grandmother’s recipe – contributing her Italian roots.  We’ve expanded into various cultures’ tastes over time, like our flavorful Polish & Chicken Chorizo Sausage.  We pride ourselves on quality, and make sure that all of our product extensions match this commitment.

We are not set up for retail distribution to the public. We have a strong, long standing relationships with most of the grocery stores in the Greater Rochester area, as well as Buffalo and Syracuse. We are happy to direct you to retail location in your area where you can find a broad selection of our products – feel free to Contact Us for more information. If you’ve moved outside of Western New York, you can also order online and have your favorite Zweigle’s products shipped directly to your home in all 50 states. Click here to order online.

Please use the online donation request form to request a product donation from Zweigle’s.  Click here and scroll down to the ‘Request a Donation’ section to start the process.

We have made it a priority to provide great quality products to our customers since our beginnings in the 1880’s. We use quality ingredients and have high manufacturing standards. With these come extra costs, creating a higher value, and resulting in a higher priced product. We want to make sure you enjoy the best product possible.

As a perishable product, our shipping partner must package our orders according to shipping regulations, which state that food must be packaged properly to maintain safe temperatures for shipping.  Additionally, we are unable to dictate the rates set by the carriers for such shipping.  For any questions on ordering and shipping please contact New York Style Deli directly at 1-800-285-3791.

Yes, the vast majority of our products are gluten free including all of our hot dogs, classic sausages, chicken sausages and deli meats.

If you’re looking to cut fat and calories or lower sodium intake, you’re in luck!  Our full line of all natural chicken sausages contains up to 70% less fat and a third less calories than traditional pork sausage.  Plus, they make the perfect ingredient for your favorite recipes. Blend them with vegetables, rice, quinoa, or pasta for delicious, easy to prepare meals.  Check out recipe ideas and more here.

We’re so fortunate for the support of our fans and the desire to represent your hometown hot dogs.  We have an online store here, filled with T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Water Bottles, Bags and more!

Thank you for your excitement for our new products! We’re currently working on perfecting the recipes.  At this time, they are only sold as a food service item and will be sold in a retailer near you soon.  Check back to our website, or follow us on Facebook to keep updated on official product releases.