There’s a number of people who don’t like the sound of the word “leftovers”. Nothing quite beats a freshly cooked meal, and simply reheating what’s left over doesn’t often do the trick. That being said, leftovers are many times unavoidable. How many times have you ended up cooking the perfect amount of food? If your answer is every time you cook, then congratulations! Unfortunately though, this isn’t typically the case.

Not to mention, leftovers can be great when you’re pressed for time. Most people aren’t able to cook a fresh meal every time they need to eat, so leftovers are usually a good solution to this problem. Thankfully, we’ve got several tips coming your way to make leftovers not only convenient, but delicious.

  1. Know the Shelf Life

The most important factor in making leftovers more enjoyable is of course knowing the shelf life of the given meal. While four days is the standard for most foods, this rule isn’t universal. Do your research to find out how long certain types of foods are good for, and stick to it.

Simply smelling leftovers won’t always give you an accurate indication of the food’s quality, so you’ll need to throw away anything you’re unsure of. One way to reduce this waste however is to make labels for your leftover containers. You can write the date upon which the food will expire according to your research, and then make sure it gets eaten up before that date. Easy, right?

  1. Microwave with a Damp Paper Towel

One of the most common complaints when it comes to leftovers is that they are too dry. Food loses its moisture in the fridge, so use a damp paper towel over your container to restore moisture to the dish.

  1. Bake It

Don’t only resort to the microwave for reheating food. You can often get better results with items such as pizza and pasta by placing them in the oven and baking them until warm. This can restore some of the crispiness to your ‘za and help avoid the sogginess of already sauced pasta.

  1. Add a Little Something

Sometimes certain leftovers lose their flavor compared to the original dish. Keep the flavor coming by adding herbs and spices. You can also use fresh lemon or lime juice for an extra kick. This is particularly helpful if your leftovers are a bit dried out and need more moisture.

  1. Repurpose Your Leftovers

Just because you ate your meal one way the first time around doesn’t mean that you have to eat it the same way as leftovers. Throw that baked chicken in a salad, create a delicious panini, etc. Try something new, and you’ll forget you’re eating leftovers at all.

Do you have any tips for making leftovers more enjoyable? What’s your favorite food you’d love to have as leftovers?