Though we’re happy to see the leaves changing and embrace the fall season, there’s one thing we can’t stand about this time of year…the onset of cold and flu season. There, we said it. We’re of course crossing our fingers that none of us catch anything this year, but we have your back in the event that you find yourself in need of a sick day. Check out our best tips below to make your sick day a bit more enjoyable and get you on your way to a speedy recovery!

  1. Actually Rest

We know it’s tempting to spend the whole day home binge watching your go-to show on Netflix, but try to get some real, quality shuteye during your sick day! We promise it’ll make all the difference.

  1. Find a Great Show

Though getting some sleep is a sick day essential, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still use this as an opportunity to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite show. As long as you’re laying down, it’s considered resting…right?

  1. Make Use of At-Home Remedies

Over the counter medicines can work wonders, but you’d be surprised at how many useful at-home remedies there are out there. For example, ginger can be a great immunity booster that can also help calm queasy stomachs. Certain essential oils can also be beneficial in fighting off the common cold and helping reduce congestion.

  1. Eat a Warm Meal

Truth be told, there’s a reason everyone tells you to eat soup on your sick day. Not only will it help you feel better, but it just tastes good! Check out one of our favorite recipes for crock pot sausage, spinach, and white bean soup for some hearty inspiration. Zweigle’s chicken sausage is a great sick day snack to make sure you’re still getting in your protein.

  1. Try to Relax

Above all, the most important thing to remember when you’re sick is that you need to relax. Get out your heated blanket, grab the tissues, and find a comfy spot in your home to rest. Do all of that plus the above items, and you’re well on your way to recovery!

What’s your must-have when you’re sick? Do you have any tips for avoiding the flu this year?Save