Sometimes, the only way to truly combat the cold weather is to curl up with a delicious and hearty home cooked meal. We’ve been making great-tasting sausage, hot dogs, and specialty meat products for over 130 years, so luckily we’ve had plenty of time to taste test. As a result, we’ve got countless recipes to choose from right here on our website. Here are a few of our cold weather favorites:

  1. Zweigle’s Sausage and Potato Casserole

What’s not to love about a recipe that boasts a mere five ingredients? Don’t worry though, there’s still loads of flavor minus the hassle of spending all day in the kitchen. Not to mention, this warm casserole is the perfect antidote to an icy winter day.

  1. Zweigle’s Italian Wedding Soup

Looking for a bit of a lighter meal? Try our Italian wedding soup. There’s nothing better than a fresh soup, and our All Natural Chicken Italian Sausage gives it the perfect flavor boost!

  1. Zweigle’s Breakfast Fritatta

Want to start your day off right? Try whipping up our delicious breakfast frittata. It’s packed with all your favorite ingredients, like Zweigle’s Natural Casing Italian Sausages, home fries, and peppers.

  1. Zweigle’s Spicy Sausage and Bean Soup

Here’s another warm soup to add to your to-try list. This recipe is loaded with protein, which makes it the perfect fuel for a cold winter day.

  1. Zweigle’s Italian Sausage Arroncini (Rice Balls)

Talk about comfort food! These fried rice balls are the perfect snack for your upcoming game day parties, or just for a night in. As an added bonus, dip them in Zweigle’s meat hot sauce mixed with ranch dressing.

See the above recipes and get cookin’ here!

And don’t forget to tell us, what’s YOUR favorite wintertime meal? Are any of the above Zweigle’s recipes calling your name? Let us know by tweeting @ZweiglesHots or commenting on our Facebook page!