Though there’s no guarantee it will start to feel like spring in Rochester anytime soon, anyone who lives here knows that it’s coming…eventually. One benefit to the long Rochester winter however, is that it gives residents plenty (emphasis on plenty) of time to prepare for the new season.

Check out a few of our best tips on getting ahead of the times and moving into spring without a hitch.

  1. Clean the Grill

With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to clean the grill. You can officially start looking forward to those outdoor barbecues again too, which will be less stressful if you start getting ready for them now.

  1. Go Through Your Closet

Spring is of course the ideal time to clean out your closet. Donate anything you haven’t worn in the past year, or hold a clothing swap with friends to revamp your wardrobe just in time for the new season.

  1. Prep Your Garden

Nothing beats home grown fruits and veggies. Make sure to start prepping your garden now, either by actually planting your seeds or just mapping out what plants you’ll be buying and what type of care they will need.

  1. Clean Outdoor Furniture

Even if your outdoor furniture set seemed good as new when you put it away last summer, you’d better bet it’s collected a few dust bunnies over the winter. Give everything a good cleaning now, and revel in a stress-free spring later.