Now that the holidays have come and gone, it’s finally time to start focusing on what we’ve all been waiting for…Super Bowl Sunday. Though it’s still a ways out, believe us when we say it’ll come up fast. The last thing you want is to be scrambling at the last minute to throw together an epic party, right?

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. Check out four of our top tips below for throwing your most amazing Super Bowl celebration yet.

  1. Have Game Day Food at the Ready

One of the most important components of any respectable Super Bowl party is of course the food and drink. That doesn’t mean you have to spend all day prepping in the kitchen though. Keep it simple. Everybody loves a good pop open or chicken sausage, and you can always ask guests to bring the apps. This not only results in less work for you, but it also ensures that everyone will have something at the party that they like to eat. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to try some different dishes.

Also make sure you have a variety of drinks on hand, too. Remember that not everyone is into beer, even on game day, so stock up on soda, iced tea, and a few other select adult beverages as well. To keep things cold, you might want to consider investing in some beverage tubs or an inflatable bar. If you’re looking to cut costs though, you can always go the old fashioned route and store the cold drinks in the garage!

  1. Decorate for the Occasion

When it comes to a Super Bowl party, a little bit of decoration goes a long way. Depending on how casual your event is, it could be as simple as purchasing some festive football-themed paper plates and streamers from the dollar store. Or, encourage friendly competition and team spirit by color coding all the dishware according to the two rival teams. There’s tons of potential, but a little bit of effort in this department rarely goes unnoticed.

  1. Make Cleanup Easy

Unless you’re throwing a formal gathering, we always recommend making the cleanup easy. Prepare ahead of time for the party by purchasing all the paper plates, utensils, napkins, and solo cups you could ever need. Festive plastic tablecloths can also be a great idea to protect your surfaces from spills while also enhancing the decor. This way, all you’ll need to do when the party’s over is throw away all the used paperware and wipe down the counters. Who doesn’t love an easy cleanup?

TIP: Don’t forget to leave out a few sharpies so that your guests can label their plastic cups. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an excess of half empty beverages at the end of the night.

  1. Optimize the Space

Above all, your guests are in attendance to watch a great game. Make sure you have the television set up ahead of time and the space optimized for the number of guests you’re planning for. It’s tough to enjoy a party when there’s nowhere to sit down, or you can barely see the game. No matter the size of your space, don’t be afraid to do some rearranging to make sure your guests will be comfortable.

Are you throwing a Super Bowl party this year? What makes or breaks a gathering when you’re in attendance? Let us know on social!