At Zweigle’s, we’re all about flavor. In fact, that’s what makes our products so great! That being said, we’re always striving to create more flavorful recipes than our last, incorporating the most mouthwatering ingredients we can get our hands on in order to formulate the perfect meal and/or product. After many years in business, we must admit that we’ve learned a few quick tricks! We’re happy to share them, so check out our top three tips for infusing more flavor into your dishes at home below.

  1. Start With Quality Ingredients

The first and simplest step to cooking more flavorful meals is of course to start out with high quality ingredients. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brands, seasonings, and marinades until you find something you like.

  1. Add Fresh Flavors

Another great way to infuse flavor into your meals is to add fresh ingredients that are already well known for their strong and delicious taste. Items like fresh garlic, sweet onion, or cherry tomatoes are all tasty options to add an extra layer of flavor to each meal you create.

  1. Up the Spice

Last but not least, don’t neglect your spice rack! Spices can make a huge difference in the overall flavor of a meal, so make them a regular addition to your cooking routine. Fresh herbs can also have a similar effect in upping the flavor of your favorite dishes, so don’t forget to give those a try too.

What’s your favorite way to add flavor to a dish? Do you have a go-to spice or herb you think we should try? Shoot us a Tweet and let us know!