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Zweigle’s Cranberry Chili Meatballs Appetizer

When it comes to the best crockpot appetizers, it’s hard to beat Zweigle’s Cranberry Chili Meatballs. Made with our newly released Mama Carmado’s frozen meatballs, this tangy and flavorful recipe is bound to be the talk of any holiday party. Check out the simple instructions below, and get cooking!

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Zweigle’s has been making great tasting quality meats since 1880. As a fifth-generation, family owned business we understand the importance of family and consistently maintain this focus. We’re centered on continuing our legacy of creating memories for your family through providing you with high quality great tasting products. All Zweigle’s products, with their unique flavor, easy preparation, and broad appeal, embrace our promise of quality meals made easy.

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At Zweigle’s, we continue to maintain our strong commitment to quality products and processes. All of our products from our Pop Open Hot Dogs, to our Classic Sausages and Meatballs, are backed by a comprehensive quality and food safety plan. From our retail products, food service products and private label products, we treat each one with equal care and quality. With all of our customers, our focus is collaboration and customer service. We provide flexible production capabilities as well as custom formulations and recipe matching. Our goal is to ensure our customers’ success while providing service excellence.